QVR (Quiver)

The QVR or Quiver, is specifically designed for high security and fast access. Our design allows you to place the QVR in almost any location and have access to your weapon in under 4 seconds.

Thinking Beyond

Weapons that may actually be needed in an emergency situation are often usually out of reach as these are often stored in a big box safe in the basement or garage. The QVR gives you fast access in an accessible location that you choose.

Built For Use

You can quickly have access to your weapon extremely quick in an emergency situation. The QVR is best stored in an area that will allow for quick access in a tactical situation (bedroom, garage, man-cave, office). The QVR’s tough steel construction is designed to give you a lifetime of service.

Quality Design

The QVR is designed to be installed in tight locations such as a closet, home office or bedroom. There is no external door swing and the door opens 180° to allow fast access to the contents.

Superior Security

After 100+ years of safe design, where the locking mechanism has been traditionally located behind the door, the QVR has re-engineered weapon security with the highest quality biometric keypad and locking mechanism now located in the base. The QVR offers fast access and first rate security.



The QVR is most commonly placed in the closet of the master bedroom, or in the home office. With an amazingly slick design and security it fits in with all types of home styles and decor.