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QVR (Quiver)

The QVR or Quiver, is specifically designed for high security and fast access. Our design allows you to place the QVR in almost any location and have access to your weapon in under 2 seconds.

Extremely high security. Locking mechanism and lock is in the base of the QVR. Roland Dicks VIDEO, considered by his peers to be one of thetop safe crackers in the world, could not defeat our design. 

Fast & Ease of Access. The QVR’s small footprint (12” x 12”) with no external door swing allows for placement in strategic areas. Since the door rotates into the body a weapon can be accessed instantly in a stressful emergency situation.

The QVR is designed to be placed in an area where a weapon can quickly and reliably be accessed in an emergency. For example – next to a bed, in a closet, home office or law enforcement office. When a weapon is needed “NOW”, simply place the index finger on the reader, the lock opens in about a second, turn the handle and retrieve the weapon.  Yet despite authorized users (up to 15 fingerprints) being able to access a weapon in a second or two, the QVR protects against unauthorized people (kids & burglars, etc.). Furthermore, when the door is rotated to the closed position after opening it locks automatically. With most legacy safes the handle has to be rotated after closing which is often forgotten and can cause a dangerous situation. 

The QVR’s tough double walled steel construction is designed to give you a lifetime of service.

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QVR (Quiver)


General Questions

Most of our customers use the QVR for their main fast access safe. Most commonly place either in their closet bedside or office.

About 4 seconds.

The locking mechanism, like all of our patented safes are located at the bottom of the safe. This makes it extremely hard to break into the safe unlike traditional gun safes.

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The QVR is 200lbs.