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We ship throughout the United States and world wide.

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Please reach out for specific inquires.

Call: 561.346.7038

Delivery for the QVR and QVRT takes approximately 6-8 weeks in the USA. For other countries it depends on local shipping conditions.

Delivery for the THOR: 12 weeks.

Please give us a call: (561) 346-7038.

At this time we do not take returns.


Installation can be done easily following our instruction guide. However that is not for everyone, so please call 561.346.7038 or email us and for an additional fee we will arrange a technician to come to you and do the installation.

Yes the QVR and the QVRT can both be installed on the second floo

The QVR, QVRT and THOR are bolted to the floor.


The keypad is programmed with a code and with your thumb print.

You will receive instructions on how to set this up with your product. Or down load instructions from here. However if you have questions please call us 561.346.7038 and we will walk you through the process.

The biometric keypad holds up to 15 thumb prints


The body of the safe has a life time warranty. The keypad has a 20 year warranty.