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Extremely high security. Locking mechanism and lock is in the base of the THOR. Roland Dicks VIDEO, considered by his peers to be one of thetop safe crackers in the world, could not defeat our design. 

     Ease of Access. The interior of the THORrotates allowing the user to access weapons individually, instead of having to remove multiple weapons to get to one particular weapon as with legacy box safes. THOR’s modular layout allows for custom placement of weapons and accessories. (a) User can choose quantity, type and height of shelving. No more stacking and therefore scratching your weapon, or digging in a safe for a weapon.

Protection against fire. The THOR’s door and body are completely protected from fire and heat with ceramic blankets rated to 2300°F, within double walled 0.125” steel skin. Nearly all legacy  gun safes have gypsum (dry wall) which does not protect well against fire and heat as several areas of the safes have no protection in the bolt work and the door jamb areas where dry wall cannot be inserted. The design of the THOR lends itself to being protected from fire and heat as the ceramic material is not cut for bolt work (continuous blanket) as with legacy safes and the door – body gap protected (is) with an expandable fire proof seal. 

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General Questions

Most of our customers use the THOR for storing their entire arsenal. A popular location is their basement or garage.

About 4 seconds.

The locking mechanism, like all of our patented safes are located at the bottom of the safe. This makes it extremely hard to get to.

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The QVR is 1400lbs.