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With the advent of cutting-edge lock and keypad technology, reliable and highly secure electronic locks on safes now allow for the relocation of the lock away from the keypad—a change that safe companies have not taken advantage of. For more than a century, mechanical locks with dial pad key designs have forced safe designers to place the lock next to the dial pad, and that’s where they’ve stayed. These front-door locks allow burglars to direct their attack easily and swiftly. A little-known fact in the security industry is that safe crackers can open most gun safes in less than 5 minutes using very basic tools. Even amateurs armed with cheap carbide drill bits and battery powered drills in conjunction with online videos can crack a safe—including those with thicker-than-usual doors and complex locking mechanisms.

Gun safes are often aesthetically designed to look like high-security safes, but they are not. Traditional gun safes are manufactured under extreme economic and weight constraints for the general consumer.

Vapensystems set out to change gun safe design to vastly improve security.

Vapensystems gun safes feature a lock and locking mechanism that’s housed in the base of the safe, which is the most inaccessible location for burglars to attack. The keypad is connected to the lock and, in turn, the locking mechanism, via a wire.

There are multiple advantages to our innovative design: extremely high security  due to the positioning of the lock and locking mechanism; faster access as the  door that rotates into the body cavity when in the open position (QVR and QVRT); easy access to the contents; and a much smaller footprint (no external door swing).

High Security

Positioning the locking mechanism in the base of the safe makes it extremely difficult, almost impossible, to defeat. In fact, renowned safe cracker Roland Dicks said that our patented design was the first he had ever come across that he was not able to defeat. He stated that our gun safe line locking mechanism was more difficult to break open than a commercial jewelry safe locking mechanism

Faster Access

With the locking mechanism in the base of the safe and the electronic biometric keypad, access to the safe is fast and easy. The rotating door incorporated into the body cavity gives the user direct access to the safe’s contents in an emergency. This is particularly the case with the QVR and QVRT, which are designed to allow fast access and high security.

Ease of Access

When the door is in the open position and rotated into the body cavity, 180 degrees of the contents are non-enclosed, allowing the user access to more of the stored contents than with a traditional square safe. With our products, access is open. The rotating THOR interior means the entire inventory can be readily accessed. In a traditional gun safe, most, if not all, of the items have to be removed to get to an item such as a rifle, often stored at the back.

Compact footprint

As there is no external door swing, our products’ footprint is the most efficient in the industry. The QVR and QVRT can be placed in a tight closet, a home office, or even right next to the bed.