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Quality & Design

Our design focus is quality at every level (with) overall design, components and raw materials. Everything is designed in 3D, using the latest software. We follow the design process procedures used in the Defense Industry by first designing in 3D, followed by prototyping, modifying wherever necessary (after testing), updating the drawing packages to the last iteration. The steel we choose, to the welding and cleaning of the steel prior to powder coating or painting. Interior components are cerakoted (ceramic coated) or powder coated for longevity. Fire resistant materials chosen are not simply drywall stuffed into the safe as most companies routinely do – we use sophisticated materials that offer real and laboratory tested performance.

We consider every aspect of the product when we design and develop our safes;

1. Making sure that our products are engineered to resist burglary. Surprisingly, and perhaps shockingly, the attitude in the safe industry is far from that – most of the gun safes and safes marketed today are not engineered, or minimally engineered to safeguard the contents from burglary or a fire. Most of the gun safes available today are made to look like safes but in reality,
are far from that. Our products are thought out to such a degree that the world’s top safe crackers have taken note.

2. Making sure that our products can store the maximum amount possible and at the same time allow for access to the contents. A large cavernous box safe’s interior is not well thought out in terms of accessibility.

3. Making sure that the aesthetics are top (the best). Safes are generally put in homes yet hidden away as they are generally ugly – our products are designed with aesthetics in mind and should be displayed as such.


We design and manufacture products that we would want to own.