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Superior Security

Our (patented) designs focus on placing the locking mechanism in an inaccessible part of the safe. The locking mechanism is at the bottom/rear of the safe instead of in the front door (where the lock and mechanism can be easily defeated).

When the bio metric finger print reader grants access to a stored finger print, the information is sent to the electronic lock (again, bottom/rear) which then pulls the nose of the lock back allowing the door to rotate. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the design. Therein also lies the security – in fact, the security is so extreme that one of the top safe crackers in the world, Mr. Roland Dicks, has stated publicly that our design is virtually unbeatable.

With the advances in technology (tungsten carbide drill bits, hand drills, cutting wheels) now locally available in hardware stores, and the how-to videos on YouTube, traditional safes companies have not kept up with their design(s). Mr. Dicks further states that most name brand gun safes can be opened in 3 to 4 minutes – ours cannot.