Behind the Team

Our background in developing parts and assemblies for various defense contractors, specifically E.W.S. (Electronic Warfare Systems) for F18s, C130s, and B52 Bombers. And developing products for the private sector, commercial, retail and construction companies. Led us to design and develop a new category of safes – Vapensystems Inc.

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Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

Safe design, safe manufacturing, shipping & installation, testing (UL Inc.).


Martin Dijkema

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Vice President

Chief of Engineering and Design

Extensive engineering, fabrication and design background.


Richard Meier

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Government Sales & Liaison

United States Marine Veteran-Infantry, Squad Leader, Scout Sniper/Sniper Team Leader. Law
Enforcement leader and manager. (retired, 20 years). Patrol officer, investigator, SWAT team leader.

John Fitzmayer

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Steel product manufacturing

Fanus Nel