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The THOR is designed to securely store and easily access a large number of weapons and accessories. 


The door rotates into the body which results in a minimal footprint for a safe of this size, the locking mechanism prevents the door from opening when closed and is located in the base of the safe. This unique design is inherently far superior to traditional designs for a number of reasons: high security as the locking mechanism is inaccessible, small footprint as there is no external door swing and more interior volume for a given footprint. 

Access to Weapons

With the door open, 180° of the interior’s contents are immediately accessible. Additionally, the Rifle Rack can be pulled out and rotated – each weapon is immediately retrievable. With the THOR all of the weapons and accessories are at your fingertips – the weapon you need can be retrieved without having to pull out every single weapon in front of it. 


Body and Door

Double wall (11-gauge x 2) construction - high grade steel. Primed and Painted. 


Key pad & Locking Mechanism

Bio-metric keypad located to the LHS of the door and electronic lock in the base, under the door. Door can be opened in under 4 seconds


Rifle Rack

Pulls out and can be rotated by the operator. High grade steel is powder coated. Shelves are powder coated and have rubber inserts and rubber mats for protecting the weapons against scratching. Interior shelves are modular – as such (the) rack can be customized for each application.

Rifle Rack Capacity

20 to 30 long rifles (depending on type), with over 100 hand guns and accessories. 

Levelling system

THOR has four integrated, adjustable feet for leveling the THOR after positioning in place. Adjustment is made with the door in the open position. 

Dimensions: 6’ H x 48” W x 33”D 

Weight: 1,400 pounds