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Introducing MAGNI: Your Ultimate Security Solution

The MAGNI, designed for fast access and high security, fits any space and allows access to your weapon in under 2 seconds.

Unmatched Security Features:

  • Unique locking mechanism in the base prevents break-ins.
  • Instant access with a simple fingerprint scan—unlocking in about a second.
  • Capability to store up to 15 fingerprints, securing against unauthorized access.
  • Automatic locking upon door closure, eliminating potential oversights found in traditional safes.

Reliable Durability:

  • Tough double-walled steel construction designed for a lifetime of service.

Experience peace of mind and unparalleled security with Magni. Protect your weapons with cutting-edge technology and robust build quality, ensuring rapid access when needed and safeguarding against unauthorized entry.

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General Questions

Most of our customers use the QVR for their main fast access safe. Most commonly place either in their closet bedside or office.

About 4 seconds.

The locking mechanism, like all of our patented safes are located at the bottom of the safe. This makes it extremely hard to break into the safe unlike traditional gun safes.

You can find the exact shipping costs at checkout for domestic purchases. For international please give us a call or email.

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The QVR is 200lbs.